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The Gates TV

A LJ community dedicated to ABC's The Gates

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A LJ community dedicated to ABC's The Gates

About this community;
who are we?

A LJ community dedicated to The Gates - an ABC show, part of its new summer season. Here you can find everything The Gates - from news about the show, like stills, promos, etc., to fan art.

Community rules;
read before posting.

001. The Gates only posts. All posts here have to be The Gates related. It is a community dedicated to the show. The posts that infringe this rule will be deleted. If a same member posted such entries more than 3 times, he will be banned.
002. Fan art. If you want to post your icons here, they have to contain at least five of some of the characters. You can put most three out of cut. The rest have to be under it. Other fan works are welcome, just be sure you tagged your post.
003. Promotion. If you want to promote your community (or whatever else) here, ask for permission first. You can do it by commenting on our Contact-a-Mod page. If you got permission, mention it in your post.
004. Tag your posts. Please, do it. Tags are at the sidebar (left of the main page). If you do not find the tags you need, the maintainer will tag your entry.
005. Respect the others. Respect the rest members. Everyone has his own opinion. If there is a problem, report the maintainer, instead of arguing with the people.
006. Avoid double posting. Before posting a new entry (whatever with), check if it does not already exist.
007. Contact a mod. Head over to our Page-A-Mod if you have any questions.

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